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Wednesday, 28. July 2010

Electric drills used in woodworking, metalworking, constructing

A drill or drill motor is a tool fitted with a rotating cutting tool, usually a drill bit, used for drilling holes in various materials. Drills are commonly used in woodworking, metalworking, constructing and most "do it yourself" projects. Specially designed drills are also used in medicine, space missions and other applications. We maintain a wide selection of electric drills for the professional and homeowner alike. Our clients buy our products with confidence and that too at a very economical price. We have come up with a whole new range of electric drills now and are offering them at a wholesale price. As we offer a huge range of drills, everyone finds our company resourceful enough for his needs.

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Tuesday, 27. July 2010

Some tips to use a band saw

Few tools can make a job of cutting metallic tubing or other stock easier than a bandsaw. On those occasions when the stock cannot be brought to the machine, portable bandsaws offer the option of taking the machine to the work. And followings are some tips to use a band saw.
Portable bandsaws use a trigger switch similar to drills and circular saws, but usually are equipped with a separate speed selector so the sawblade moves at a speed suitable for the material you are cutting. While it is operated, use the two handles, which will allow you to guide the tool, maintaining complete control of it. And then place the sawblade against the stock to be cut, making sure the blade is parallel to the cut line you have marked, and perpendicular to the stock (if the cut is to be square, or 90 degrees). Next, start the saw by squeezing the trigger and allow the saw to cut its way through the stock you are cutting. And watch the blade to make sure it is aligned with your cut mark, and slow the cut when you are nearly through the stock so you can anticipate the blade binding if the material flexes or bends suddenly. Last, Release the trigger and allow the blade to quit moving before setting the saw down after the cut is complete.

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Monday, 26. July 2010

How to choose a good electric sander?

Electric sander is a power tool used for sanding wood. There is an endless loop of sandpaper that is moved at high speed by an electric motor.
Before you get well known of which kind of electric sander is the suitable to used, you had better not buy any tool. You have to buy the right kind. Maybe you should ask the salesman to allow you to have a try at the electric sander. After trying different kinds of electric sanders, you will know which one is easier to use. Meanwhile, you should know what kind of quality guaranteed the manufacturer offer. And you also have to consider the feedbacks of other buyers. Some electric sanders may be appreciated some maybe not. Therefore, you should think about several thing before making your decision.

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Friday, 23. July 2010

Main introduction of hammer drills

Hammer drills have a conventionally geared chuck. The vibrating action speeds the drilling in most concrete or masonry products when equipped with a carbide-tipped drill bit. Most models have a "model" selector allowing the operator to choose rotation only, as in a conventional drill, or "hammer-drill" coupling the vibrating action with the rotary motion. Some models offer a third choice of hammer only, which in some cases can accommodate chisel and scraper attachments.
A hammer-drill should not be confused with the rotary-hammer professional tool which has drilling capacities of 1/4" up to core bits of 6" diameter. These larger hammers have unique bit drive and retention methods rather than the conventional geared chuck.
Depending on the manufacturer, hammer-drills range from very low speeds for controlled, fine drilling and impacting to high-speed drilling and hammering for fast, productive work. Some have variable speed controls. Chuck sizes range from 1/4" to 1/2".

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